Christina Fleming
developer, teacher, public speaker, service

Full Stack Web Developer Services

This is the teaching and learning sandbox for Christina Fleming, Internet and Web Technology Professional. Several portfolios of work are presented for front end web coding, PHP, JavaScript, graphic design and adult learning.


Front End Web Coding Portfolio - A set of XHTML/HTML templates I have converted from PSD files.

JavaScript Examples - Mobile calculators, Navigating the DOM.

Graphics Design Portfolio - A set of original digital art works using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

User Experience Portfolio - Wire framing and other UX documents.

The Artist's Gallery - A collection of mixed media art work from various creative studies.

Business Logic

PHP Portfolio - Original PHP coded utilities and examples of various functionality.

User Experience Portfolio - Card sorting, web analysis and other UX documents.

P H P fundamentals certification

Data Access

SQL Query Language, MS-SQL and MySQL experienced.

S Q L fundamentals certification

Student Opinion Web Project: This is a database driven site, written in PHP, designed to calculate a score for a professor based on the official SOQ survey given to students near the end of a term. The inspiration for the site was in-part

Data was collected from PDF files using SmartOCR. Linux tools were used to further clean the data and convert into CSV format. A MySQL relational database powers the site on the backend.



LINUX cheat sheet

My personal LINUX/UNIX Cheat Sheet (PDF 200k).

Distance Learning & Video Production - A collection of skills and experience in adult education, teaching, and distance learning.

The Artist's Gallery - A collection of mixed media art work from various creative studies.

Fun with FIFA Tournament Data

This sandbox utilizes two different plugins in Angular and JQuery.

J Query certificate of achievement from solo learn