Christina Fleming
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User Experience Portfolio

SEO Analysis

The purpose of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Analysis is to analyze the web presence of a given web site and provide recommendations for SEO improvements. Google web tools are used to research keyword and long tail keyword strength for individual web pages.

SEO Analysis (PDF)

Usability Testing

The purpose of a usability test is to validate a web design or funnel. The survey is given to as many users as possible to determine if the expected actions are taken through the funnel.

Usability Testing: Task Creation (PDF)

Web Marketing Plan

An analysis of a given web site's presence throughout the Internet. This includes finding the Social Media presence and recommending actions to utilize marketing channels.

Web Marketing Plan (PDF)

Card Sorting Report

The purpose of the card sorting activity is to validate with users a navigational taxonomy for a given web site. The following report presents findings of interview activities and recommendations for web site navigation.

Card Sorting Report (PDF)

Competitive Analysis

The purpose of this report is to analyze the web presence of market competitors for a given client.

Competitive Analysis Report (PDF)

Interface Re-Design Proposal

An analysis and re-design proposal of a given web site.

Interface Re-Design Proposal (PDF)