Christina Fleming
developer, teacher, public speaker, service

PHP Coding Portfolio

Aquarium Cost Estimator - A parts and labor calculator for a ficticious pet shop.

Cost of Living Calculator - A Cost of Living calculator that utilizes US Census bureau data.

Student Opinion Questionnaire (SOQ) Search Page for The Washtenaw Voice. This is a database driven site, written in PHP, designed to calculate a score for a professor based on the official SOQ survey given to students near the end of a term. The inspiration for the site was in-part

Data was collected from PDF files using SmartOCR. Linux tools were used to further clean the data and convert into CSV format. A MySQL relational database powers the site on the backend.

Service Provider Lookup - A search form for a set of ficticious service providers. This search utilizes a MySQL database.

Weather Search Form - A search form that uses the API to present current weather for a city.

Mortgage Management System - A mortgage management system for a ficticious bank. Custom currency also coded.