Christina Fleming
developer, teacher, public speaker, service

Distance Learning & Video Production Experience

I work and have worked with a variety of video and distance learning tools including Tegrity, Vegas Video, Adobe Connect and Windows Movie Maker just to name a few. During my professional career I have logged hundreds of hours in teaching both Microsoft Official Curriculum as well as custom classes.

Teaching Experience - MCT & MOC

At the University of Michigan Information Technology Services department I conducted several Active Directory Orientation classes that were recorded in Adobe Connect(PDF document).

I also organized regularly scheduled Windows Admin Meetings (PPT sample) where the content was streamed live on Adobe Connect and recorded for later viewing as well. We would cover a variety of topics of concern to campus Windows Administrators.

As a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) I also conducted the Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) class 6416B - Updating your Network Infrastructure and Active Directory Technology Skills to Windows Server 2008 for the campus Active Directory Administrators.

Teaching Experience - In-person Classroom & Presentation Style

For several organizations including Non-Profit Enterprise at Work (NEW), Mid-west Faceters Guild, and Flint Rock and Gem Club I have conducted classes on how to create and build a web site, building on-line communities (PPT), and creating an online storefront (PPT).

In addition to a PowerPoint presentation I have produced instructional documents using a custom Word template. I based my document design on recommendations for Adult learning in the book "How to Study in College".

Teaching - In-person & Distance Learning

During my time at the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) I organized and presented weekly staff training classes as well as classes for external clients. Here is a sample chapter from my Windows 2000 administrator class (PPT).

In addition I also created the content, documentation and presentation of the new Staff Orientation guide.

I also managed and maintained a distance learning system with Tegrity Software (a SCORM compliant platform) as well as Net Meeting. Many training classes were conducted live using Tegrity and recorded for later use.

My Student's Comments

  • Advanced Word class - "Instructor was very well prepared, thoroughly organized."

  • Company CRM class - "Instructor's response to questions and notation of enhancement opportunities to company's business processes excellent."

  • Outlook & converting your PAB class - "Atmosphere in class was light, upbeat, with some humor, yet the lesson was brought across well. Thanks!"

  • WinZip class - "Excellent instructor. Excellent documentation"

  • Open topic session - "Instructor had system problems - situation was handled very well - no significant impediment"

Video Work

Sample collaborative video and voice over work.

Voice Over Work

Below are some video's in which I performed scripted voice recordings of fairly technical content. The video's were put together by a colleague; they are in Windows Media Format (WMV). Content was created by National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS).